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Artie Campbell: Links

Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes (exceptional Bass player) websites carries some serious photos of musicians that I had the pleasure to work with such as the Ron Smith Group, Wake Campbell Groups
My good friend Mr. Chris Rhodes (bass player) posted several video's of the groups we played in. Standard Procedure video feature several orignal songs written by several members and my self. The Ron Smith Group video is feature . Please check them out and again my thanks goes out to Mr. Rhodes for the youtube presentation.
This website has my first solo CD which consit of 13 smooth jazz flavor songs and other music written and produced
Youtube website feature several videos of Artie Campbell, Standard Procedure and The Ron Smith Group.

Reverbnation is a website for any artist who has music that wants it heard. Check it out and join.

JangoAirplay(internet radio) (free music :internet radio) Get your orignal music played to millions of listeners.My 2011 CD which consists of 19 tunes are on Check it out.

artiecampbell- youtube

This is one of my video's with the jazz group Standard Procedure   "Soft Top"

I Tunes